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E-mail: ultralog@ultralog.hu

I am Levente Szikszay, the managing owner of Ultra Log. During my years at university, I was able to look into the world of logistics.

During my internship I found myself hooked in logistics, so there was no question that I would like to pursue a career in it. As gaining real field experience it always sparked my mind how to perfect the customer service meanwhile ensuring the most efficient way of forwarding. My experiences led me to the conclusion that large forwarding companies who work with hundreds of clients often fail to serve them to highest possible level. This shows in lack of availability, poor communication and flexibility. I knew that if I wanted to guarantee the high-quality service I envisioned, I would have to start my own company – a shipping company that is strong in communication, but its actions speak for themselves.

"Each client deserves the same high level of service!"

This became our motto and we made sure that this drives our daily operations when serving our customers. In this running world we believe the key is listening to our customers’ need first then seeking the best possible solution. Our strength shows in Spot forwarding, where there is immediate solution provided and the customers convenience at a reasonable price. Over the years we gathered a strong team of professionals who understand their field of expertise. If needed we keep everything in hand, all the client has to do is to entrust us with the task. We are fully committed and not afraid to take on the responsibility. The perfectionism that we pursue in all areas of life, we believe that humility and reliability are the two most important human virtues. Ultralog strives to ensure that all our customers look back on working together with the greatest possible satisfaction.

"Forwarding as it should be: quick, safe and cost-effective!"


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