Our main focus is road freight transportation in Europe.



If you need a dynamic, cost-effective and reliable solution, entrust us with ground transportation!

    Europe-wide delivery
–    FTL and LTL solutions
    From vans to trucks
    Special product handling

Offers are tailored to your needs to guarantee the satisfaction of the solution. Depending on demand we offer both competitive Full Truck Load (FTL) or Less Than Truckload (LTL) services that best fit your need. The wide range of equipment includes vans to semi-tractor-trailer trucks. Special products handling including refrigeration or out-of-gauge can be moved safely and timely. Besides the logistics you can trust us with one-way freight insurance or customs clearance for shipments outside of EU.


Short on time? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve it!

We aim to reply immediately, but no later than within 1 hour from the request for quote

Spot freight is one of our specialities, the organisation of ad-hoc deliveries that require express service with special parameters. Our goal is to perform these jobs efficiently with high competence and fast communication in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


Transportation is a complex process.


Ultralog’s focus is on the transportation of road goods within Europe. Specializing in spot deliveries that requires urgent offer with efficient, fast and cost-effective solutions, even with complete organization. 


Long distance? No problem. We organize deliveries from anywhere in the world, even using a combined transport method.

Thanks to our reliable and experienced partners, we deliver our partners’ shipments to other continents. In such cases, we mainly use two main modes of transport – air and sea. Air transportation is specifically recommended for urgent cargo, while transport by water is recommended if time is not an obstacle, but it would be important to find the most cost-effective method. If single mode of transport may not be sufficient to fulfill the request, we forge the best solution by using a variety of methods.


Oversized and overweight goods? No need to worry, our specialists can help you deliver them too. Should you have such request within Europe we have the solution! Everything is in one hand you only need to communicate with us, we do the rest while you can focus on your goals. Besides the safe transportation of goods, we fulfill any special requests: dealing with documentation and gaining permits – if necessary organizing police escort.


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